Our Purpose

abused dog

This poor pup had her eardrum pierced by a violent child and had to struggle throughout her life with balance and hearing problems. Help us stop the violence!

Touching lives today. Saving lives tomorrow.

Educating the public to further understand and prevent the causes of children becoming violent.

Facilitate training for therapists and educators to become more effective in helping to heal children with a history of violence toward people and animals.

Provide financial help for families seeking effective  treatment for their violent child.

This is our goal at SAVY. But we cannot do it alone. We need help. With support from you and people like you we can reach families struggling with children with attachment disorders. They may learn for the first time that there is something they can do. We can teach educators and therapists their part in this struggle. We can let more people know the symptoms so that it may be recognized and the children can be healed and their families can be made whole.

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Healthy families with no violence is our goal.

Please donate money to help us reach more educators and therapist. Please help us send more families with big enough hearts, but not the financial means, to effective treatment and family bonding camps to help heal their children.  Please donate so that we can reach more people so that those in need of our help know that help exists.

Help us touch more lives today. Help us save more lives tomorrow.

Thank you

Our Mission Statement

SAVY exists to provide resources to families or organizations committed to treatment and training to stop America’s violent youth from future violence toward people or animals by promoting healthy attachments.

The Roots of SAVY

After the shock and heartbreak of the devastating news about the Columbine School massacre in 1999, SAVY was founded by Nancy Thomas to fill the need for:

  • Education of the public to understand and prevent the causes of children becoming violent.
  • Training for Therapists and Educators to become more effective in helping children with a history of violence toward people and animals.
  • Financial help for families seeking treatment for their violent child.

Over the years SAVY has been successful in raising funds and facilitating a year long training for Therapists who are now successfully treating children and stopping the spread of violence.   We have helped hundreds of families receive treatment by supporting them with financial resources.  We have donated over a thousand books to libraries through out the United States.  We sponsored a seminar, in Colorado, on the roots of violence and plan to do another in Washington State.

sad dog

This poor dog lived with violence almost daily from an adopted child that had been abused and brought the violence with him into his loving adoptive home. The entire family was traumatized, including this poor dog who endured not only the screaming but the punching and kicking as well. Help us stop the violence!

We have a new powerful Board of Directors with a clear vision, lofty goals and huge hearts to make big changes in the upcoming years.  We are planning a nationwide training for Mental Health Professionals.  We are working on increasing funds for scholarships to help families attend family bonding camps and receive treatment.  We have plans to bring more awareness to the problem and to help parents get more support and assistance sooner.  SAVY is committed to making a difference in reducing the violence in America.  We are open to help!  We can use financial and hands on assistance as we strive to reach our goal of peace.  Join us at SAVY@attachment.org

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